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Several groups make up our Church. We present here only the most important. 


“As the Father has sent me, so I send you” says our Lord Jesus in John 20.21. At the ACB, we believe that this word concerns us and we want to obey it. 

Thus, our evangelization program in Basel includes several activities: preaching and broadcasting of our services via social networks, free distribution of Christian literature in the streets of the city, personal contact with people in need. Our choirs are also happy to sing in the streets of Basel in order to spread the message of the Gospel. 

We believe it is time for missionaries in the South to renew the Gospel in the ancient “Christian nations” of the North.

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Enfants à l'église

“Remember your creator in the days of your youth” (Eccl.12.1). The ACB youth has appropriated this recommendation from the Word of God. In addition to regular participation in Church activities, this group also organizes special meetings that allow members to live as a family. 

Very often, “Youth ACB” meetings begin in French and end in Swiss German via Hochdeutsch. A marvelous blend of blessings for the glory of God!

group of women

“Male and female God created them” (Genesis 1:27). At ACB, we believe that God calls women to a special mission that only they can accomplish. Thus, the ACB women's group organizes meetings and other activities specific to ladies. The group is among the largest in the Church (organization and number of members).

sunday school

Every Sunday our children meet in different rooms of the Church to learn the Word of God. And since the families that make up the Church reside in three different countries (France, Germany and Switzerland) whose borders meet in Basel, our Sunday school teachers often navigate their teachings between three languages: French, “ Swiss German” and “Hochdeutsch” .

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worship group

We thank the Lord for the wonderful gift that this group represents within our Church.

It constitutes a source of special edification in our celebrations Sunday after Sunday. 

The group willingly responds to invitations from other communities and/or Christian works that ask for its contribution during an event.

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group of men

The ACB men also have their group. 

Are there any issues in life that only concern men? If we accept that "man and woman" is a difference willed and created by God (Genesis 1.27), the answer to this question is quickly found. 

The group organizes various activities: meetings, choir, prayers.

 Council and Leadership

Three women and seven men form the Council of the Church. 

Once a month, the team meets to pray and reflect on the life of the Church. 

A General Assembly is convened once a year to deal with issues related to the associative life of the community. 

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Toutes les mains dans
Ministry of Family and Happiness

The Leba pastoral couple has trained and specialized in supporting families. At the end of their training, Cécile and Raoul Leba set up the "Family and Happiness" ministry to supervise couples and families. This ministry is a source of blessings for the families of the Church and those who seek help from them wherever they are. And it is not limited to  Christian families only. 

Intercessory group

Apart from the various prayer programs that are held each week at the Church, an intercessory team is responsible for praying daily for the Church and for those who desire it.

Upon request, the Church holds deliverance and/or relationship sessions for those in need.

If you send us your prayer topic, the intercessory group will pray it for as long as possible.

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Groupe de prière
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Welcome and protocol

Knowing that we are "strangers and travelers on earth (1 Peter 2.11) and being the benefit of an experience of migrants in Europe, we take particular care of the welcome within our community. 

In addition, our Church is located next to a center for asylum seekers. This location means that we constantly welcome new people to our services. 

The ACB has become a reference address in Basel for several migrant families.

Our pastoral team naturally devotes a lot of time to social work in connection with the support of asylum seekers.

A group of people are devoted to the “home” ministry, and therefore are not limited to the organization of events.

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