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CDAadheres to the following Evangelical confession of faith*:


  We believe the Bible is inspired by God. This one, by
his Spirit, led the sacred writers into all truth,
so that the Bible is the Word of God, the revelation of his
one plan of salvation for men and that it is clothed
of his supreme authority. The help of the Spirit is
essential to understand, interpret and live the Word
of God, as well as to keep sound doctrine.

We believe in God, the Holy, Eternal and All-Creator
Powerful. He manifests himself in perfect justice and love

and calls us to become His children through faith in Christ.

We believe in Jesus Christ his only son, True God.
He miraculously incarnated to save us with his
atoning death on the cross and free us from the weight and
power of sin. We believe in his resurrection
bodily, to his ascension and to his next return to
raise the dead, judge mankind and establish his kingdom

We believe in the divine person of the Holy Spirit, in his
presence and action in the hearts of believers and in
the Church and its work in the world.

We proclaim the grace of God manifested in Jesus Christ
who leads us by the Spirit to repentance, to faith and to life
eternal. We teach the need for the new
birth, as well as the duty for every Christian to obey
the missionary order of Jesus Christ. We also teach
according to the scripture, entire corruption, guilt
and the eternal perdition of man unregenerated by God
in his plan of salvation.

We proclaim that salvation by faith includes forgiveness,
but also, through the life of Christ in us, the deliverance
daily life of sin, sanctification, the fullness of the Holy
Spirit and the Eternal Inheritance.


We believe in the Church, reality and unity of the body of Christ,
made up of all the children of God.

* This confession is inspired by that of the Conference of African-speaking Churches in Switzerland. 

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